Real Estate

The client

AR-CO Arquitectura is a company in the Mexican real estate sector that builds and commercializes living and office spaces. They wanted to expand their portfolio and give their audiences something that would create a more emotional tie with them.



  • Brand diagnostic
  • Brand strategy
  • Verbal identity
  • Visual identity


  • Web development
The goal was to create a brand that would commercialize its real estate developments aimed at an audience with a medium socioeconomic level. In order to pull it off, our greatest challenge was coming up with an identity that would be aspirational for a segment that is in the market for its most important asset: a home.
After exhaustive diagnostic work, we discovered that among other things, the relationship between someone buying a home and the one selling it is very close. It requires a lot of trust and is long-term. This led us to come up with a powerful strategy centered around “a community of owners,” a community of people who dream of being owners of their life… and of a home. This brand makes it happen.