Food supplements

The client

Evolution is a Mexican brand specializing in production and commercialization of premium food supplements, focused on fitness and wellness, that enhance their consumers’ integrated development.



  • Brand diagnostic
  • Positioning
  • Portfolio
  • Tone and manner
  • Visual identity
  • Label and package design


  • Web Design Overhaul
  • Internal and external communication campaigns and materials
  • Digital marketing management
  • Digital communication strategy
  • Content creation and social media management
  • Communication toolkit for vendors
Create the brand identity and positioning through which it could expand its audience, broaden its portfolio and create a digital communication strategy focused on growing e-commerce sales.
We came up with a digital communication strategy to enhance brand recognition and online product sales, incorporating verbal elements (tone of voice, verbal complements, etc.) and visuals (graphic system, label design, etc.) for consistent, differentiated brand proposal.
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